The Mystic Paradigm

The Mystic Paradigm – An Evolutionary Novel

By Brian Heater

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What is our true purpose here on Earth?

Are we here as spiritual beings to experience life in the physical form?

Do our thoughtsand actions affect the energy of the larger universe?

As we evolve as a civilization what will our world look like in the future?

Join me as I explore these questionsand more on this thought provoking evolutionary journey into our future world.

The Mystic Paradigm is a futuristic novel about positive evolutionary change in our worldand what questions we may face in an awakenedand conscious society. We are now entering an era called the Intuitive or Wisdom Age. Our world is slowly changing as we awaken to the potential of a better world. Many people are becoming more consciousand aware. I truly believe this change will eventually help us shift towards a more balancedand harmonious society.

 – Available in Kindleand Print Version 

Book Description

What is our purpose here on Earth? Are we here to experience both the shadowand light to grow as eternal beings? Is this sacred duality part of the universal balance? And is thought or action more powerful in our evolution?

Based in 2095, some 60 years after a nonviolent revolution that brought changeand peace to the world, an advanced utopian society is suddenly confronted with these questionsand has to look deep within to answer them. They must venture to realms both seenand unseen to find the answers.

What would a utopianand evolved society truly look like? Part new-thought exploration, part futuristic mystic adventure, The Mystic Paradigm will open your eyes to our sacred journey here on Earth, our evolution as spiritual beings,and our connection to the larger universe.

An epic adventure into our future world. A thought provoking evolutionary journey where the energies of earthand spirit merge. It will leave you questioning what indeed our world could experience only decades from now.

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From the Author – About the Book

I am excited to have finally written this book. As a studentand teacher for over 30 years in conscious living, conscious evolution, new thought philosophyand spirituality as well as being an environmentaland social activist I have been wanting to blend these ideas together in a futuristic novel for a long awhile. So here it is.

We create our new world through the mythsand stories we tell. What I am trying to do is help write a new story of our world. One of balanceand harmony. One in which our basic needs are taken care. One in which no one goes hungry or is homeless, the distribution of wealth is shared equally by all,and people’s rights are respectedand honored. Non-violence is a guiding principle in my new world as the competitiveand destructive paradigm of the old system gives way to a new way.

My new world has a strongand practical spirituality combing all faithsand the binding principle of them all – love. The mystics help guide this society with a blend of unity consciousnessand sacred activism. Scienceand spirituality blend as people become aware of our energyand connection to a larger universal force. Compassionand loving kindness are the norm, taught at a very early age to everyone. The earth is honoredand healed as are all of its inhabitants.

My story combines theseand many other new thoughtand conscious evolutionary ideas. It also allows us to evaluate these ideas for our world today by providing a dialogue of how a new society would look like. My book weaves the stories of several characters in an honest look at new paradigm theories, practicesand philosophies that are beginning to emerge in our conscious society at this time.

My goal is to bring togetherand debate some important future principalsand cultural norms that we are exploring at this current age. In many ways I am exploring the new age culture of today. By envisioning what a society may look like in 83 years when these ideas are integrated into a culture, it gives us a foundation to build a positiveand hopeful myth or story. Adding a few major challenges that occur into the story also allows us to explore a more openand less dogmatic way of thinking about these ideas. This synthesis of these evolutionary ideas gives us a look into a positive transformed future. This is the new paradigm in which we all can create.

Is this new world a possibility? I think it is. We can evolve in a positive wayand create a better world. There are millions of people who are working towards this today. It only takes a critical mass to transform the world. What I am trying to do with this story is to help be one positive catalyst towards this transformation. As an activistand storyteller my goal is to envision such a new paradigm. Each one of us can make a difference by our actionsand by the way we live. Let’s work together towards this positive dream. I hope you will enjoy my bookand will be inspired by its vision.

About the Author

Brian Heater is a passionate writer on conscious living, sacred activism, love in actionand overall well-being. He has been involved in alternative health, counselingand new thought philosophy for over 30 years. He has been an environmentaland social activistand has been a ongoing student of spirituality, focusing on finding common themes in all religionsand traditions. He has published numerous articlesand has written three books.

Brian’s philosophiesand teachings are based on a blend of faithsand perspectives. He advocates the blending of scienceand spiritualityand emphasizes using a practical spirituality in our daily lives. His main emphasis is based on the principles of compassion, loving kindness, awarenessand mindfulness. He firmly believes in each of us being “love in action”and utilizes this philosophy in his writingand work.

Brian also teaches a well-beingand self-actualization approach that helps one find a balance between body, mind, spiritand emotions. He believes that by working for well-being in each of these four areas we can achieve a higher state of awarenessand consciousness.

As an ongoing studentand teacher, Brian’s service to the larger community is to educateand guide peopleand the world toward a more heart centeredand conscious life.

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 – Available in Kindleand Print Version