Start The Revolution Within

Start The Revolution Within
A Journey Towards Vibrant Health & Weight Loss
by Brian Heater

A Journey Towards Vibrant Health & Weight Loss. Transform your Body, Mind, Spirit & Emotions.

Revised Edition 2012 – Learn the Secrets of Natural Health, Well-Being & Weight Loss – Author Brian M Heater has been an alternative counselorand teacher for over 25 years. In early 2000 he needed some personal health changesand discovered the secret to vibrant health & weight loss. He developed a program based on these principlesand went on to test it on himself. Brian found vibrant healthand energy. He lost a total of 83 lbsand changed his life in less than 4 months! Through this easy to follow program he transformed himselfand became a new man – vibrant, healthy & full of life. By following these techniques you can too! Based on the principles of the “Law of Attraction” as made famous by “The Secret”,and Brian’s own unique easy to follow step-by-step cleansingand diet program, this information will change your life. This book & program will guide you on an exciting journey of vibrant healthand personal transformation !

About the Author

Author Brian M Heater is a passionate writerand heart-centered activist focusing his efforts on conscious living, love-in-action,and the great awakening that is occurring in our present world. He has been involved in conscious activism, alternative counseling, natural health,and new thought philosophy for over 30 years. As an ongoing student of new thought spiritualityand mysticism, he focuses on finding common themesand truths in all beliefs, religionsand traditions. He is the author of three booksand numerous articles on these topics.

It is through his writing that Brian tries to direct people to an evolved understandingand awareness of our worldand the greater universe. He advocates the blending of scienceand spirituality, emphasizing the use of a practical spirituality in our daily lives. His main emphasis is based on being consciousand awakened. The principles of compassion, loving kindness, awarenessand mindfulness are part of this path. He firmly believes that each of us can be “love-in-action” in our daily livesand utilizes this philosophy in his writingand work. He also teaches an earth-centered philosophy focused on using the evolved teachings of the medicine wheel. This approach helps people connect deeply to both earthand spirit, as well as helping find a balance between our body, mind, spiritand emotions.

As an author, ongoing studentand teacher, Brian’s service to the larger community is to educateand guide people toward a more awakened, heart-centered,and conscious life. He lives in Salem, Oregon.