Shamanic Healing Programs & Wilderness Therapy

Online & In-Person Programs and Workshops


We are a shamanic healing & wilderness therapy program for people of all ages. We are excited to be offering programs both Online and In Person

Our Program & Educational Philosophies

Educational Programs Offered  – We are pleased to offer two types of shamanic healing programs & wilderness therapy.

Online Courses – We offer online classes, phone conferences, webinars, video presentations, various open discussions and online courses. Please check our schedule of events for what we offer.

In Person Courses & Retreats – Many of our in person live shamanic classes are held in or near Mt Jefferson Wilderness Area near Detroit, Oregon. We do also offer introductory courses in Salem, Oregon and other parts of Oregon. All our programs utilize the healing properties of these immense and beautiful natural areas – offering various classes and retreats in the surrounding area.

Individual Spiritual Life Coaching & Mindfulness Coaching – I also offer one-on-one private life coaching sessions using shamanic healing tools and techniques. Please go to my Life Coaching webpage for more info.

Private Group Sessions –  For groups that want a private nature-based class or retreat please contact me for details. I offer various private courses for businesses, schools, families and other groups.

Current Courses and Retreats – We are offering several classes for 2018, both in person and online. Please go to our  Classes & Trainings webpage for more info.

Our Educational Philosophy – The foundation of our programs are based on the ancient earth-based shamanic healing tradition which are being incorporated into our modern lives in a powerful and effective way. The shamanic way is good medicine for a world that needs to connect with the earth again and treat her with respect.

Conscious living, mindfulness, ecological wisdom and evolutionary thinking is integrated with a diverse new thought holistic philosophy in our shamanic nature-based programs. Our focus is an open new thought spiritual philosophy, taking the best teachings of many beliefs and practices. Shamanic earth-based spirituality is our main focus. Other complimentary methods we utilize include both eastern and western practices, meditation, prayer and quiet contemplation, metaphysics, energy medicine, as well as natural health and holistic well-being practices.

The shamanic and earth-based traditions offer us a way to heal and grow. We utilize the healing and insightful aspects of nature and the wild in our healing programs and philosophy.


We offer diverse nature-based shamanic healing workshops and retreats to people of all ages such as

  • Mindfulness Courses
  • Meditation Classes and Practice
  • Conscious Living Courses
  • Quiet Contemplation Classes and Practice
  • Energy Work & Spiritual Healing
  • Sacred Silence Courses and Practice
  • Wilderness & Nature Based Therapy
  • Science of the Mind Classes
  • Yoga & Various Healing Arts
  • Shamanic Healing Classes
  • Medicine Wheel Ceremonies & Classes
  • Wilderness Healing Courses
  • Youth Based Outdoor Edfucation
  • Wilderness Hiking and Overnights
  • Vision Quest Workshops
  • Fire, Water and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
  • Cleansing Ritual and Ceremonies
  • Spiritual Awakening & Exploration
  • And more…

Sliding Scale Fees and Scholarships – To keep our programs available to everyone we offer sliding scale fees and scholarships.

In-person workshops – To provide a healing atmosphere all programs are limited to small groups of not more than 10 individuals, with overnight programs limited to 5 persons. Most of our programs take place on public lands with a few introductory workshops in town. Campgrounds, solo camping, cabin rental and motels are all available options in the Detroit area for overnight stays. A list of these options will be given to all workshop participants. All participants will need to provide personal transportation to our workshop locations unless requested otherwise. We will provide equipment assistance, transportation options and most meals for overnight wilderness workshops. Please let us know if you have any questions or special needs.

Additional Non-Profit Programhelping people in need – We recognize that many people cannot afford alternative healing nor have access to it. We offer programs to everyone interested, our healing philosophy has a non profit heart-centered focus. We offer free, subsidized, and sliding scale programs to those with limited or no income, including working with at-risk youth, veterans, survivors of violence & domestic abuse, and other special needs persons. Please contact us for more details.

Come join us as a workshop participant. Questions and ideas are welcome.

Please go to our Workshops & Retreats webpage for more info on what we are offering.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.