Spiritual Life Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching & Mindfulness Coaching

My Background & Philosophy

Greetings. My journey as a life coach & counselor began some 34 years ago when I had my first awakening. It is here I connected deeply with both spirit and the earth and started a path of self discovery and mindfulness. I have a degree in communications and graduate studies in conflict resolution, counseling, psychology, and peace studies. I am an author of 3 books and write regularly online. I have studied extensively all of the world’s spiritual traditions, various alternative spiritual practices, as well as metaphysics, energy medicine, and new thought philosophies. I have additional training in shamanic and earth spirituality as well as extensive work in meditation and mindfulness. All of this diverse background gives me a solid foundation for helping you on your journey.

Personal One-on-One Sessions via Phone, Video or In Person – I come to you offering various tools and techniques of self-awareness, self-discovery and healing. As a life coach and counselor I focus on your individual needs and adapt my sessions to what feels right for you. Each person is unique and it is important for me both to honor that and find the best tools for your growth. I use my intuitive and empath abilities to listen deeply and help you on your journey.

I also offer Online and In-Person classes, courses, training and retreats. They are focused on various time honored mindfulness and spiritual tools as well as new paradigm soul-based awakening and awareness philosophies.

Interested in talking with me? Please feel free to Contact Me directly with your questions. I’m here to help you on your journey.

I offer 4 main areas of discovery, exploration and healing –  My work with you is heart-centered and soul-based, with your healing and growth as my primary goal. Let’s journey together. Please explore my various pages for more info on what could help you.

Some of the tools I use in my Life Coaching are -

  • Meditation – Sacred silence and breathing
  • Mindfulness Training of both the East and West
  • Conscious Living Philosophy and Daily Living
  • Heart-Centered and Soul-Based Living
  • Nature-Based teachings and spirituality
  • Science of the mind, new thought and law of attraction tools
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Journeying, prayer and deep inner reflection tools for growth and healing
  • Connecting with Divine Spirit in your personal way
  • Shamanic Healing – Techniques & Tools
  • Helping you develop a practical day-to-day spirituality
  • Connecting you with your intuitive and psychic abilities and the universal energy field.
  • Help you explore Divine Love & Deep Spiritual Intimacy
  • Grounding and connecting with the earth for healing,wisdom and strength
  • Helping cultivating spiritual relationships in your life
  • Helping you be in the moment and being present
  • Exploring self-awareness and spirituality
  • Spiritual Awakening & Spiritual Healing in our lives
  • And much more…

Life Coaching Session Details –

  • I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to people of all ages throughout the world – in person, via phone, video conferencing (Skype, Google, Facebook, etc), and email. Between my sessions I offer ongoing email support so we can continue the journey together.
  • In-person spiritual life coaching is offered in Salem, Oregon. I do also travel throughout Oregon & the Pacific Northwest to meet with clients. Phone sessions are also a great way to connect when distance is an issue.
  • Intuitive Spiritual Readings – I can offer a special insight as an intuitive/empath that can help you with your coaching session.  I offer this technique with all sessions unless you prefer that I not utilize it.  Please go to my – Intuitive Reading – webpage for more info on this helpful method.
  • I offer Relationship Coaching for couples –  This can be extremely helpful if you are needing better ways to communicate and understand each other.
  • I also offer various group courses and classes throughout the year. Please look at a schedule of my events.
  • My one-on-one session lengths are 75 minutes with ongoing email support. My couple’s sessions are usually 90 minutes.
  • Session rates are $125 per session. My 3 session package is discounted at $300. ($100 per session)
  • I offer scholarships and sliding scale fees for those with limited incomes.

Online Courses, Classes, Training & Retreats – 

I offer mindfulness training & courses, meditation classes, spiritual awakening & shamanic healing courses and more both In Person and Online.

Online classes and courses – We are pleased to offer online courses – webinars, phone conferences, video presentations and classes, various open discussions and online courses.

In-Person Classes & Retreats – Many of our in person live workshops are held in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness near Detroit, Oregon. We also offer introductory courses in Salem Oregon and the larger Willamette Valley area of Oregon. All our programs utilize the healing properties of these immense and beautiful natural areas.

Please check our schedule of events for what we offer.

Please email or call me with your questions. 

I hope I can help you on your journey.  Many blessings. Brian