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Exploring a Practical & Deep Spiritual Foundation for your Well-Being

Welcome to my Mental & Spiritual Well-Being webpage. I offer both onlineand in person programs & life coaching sessions to explore a practicaland deep spiritual foundation for your happinessand well-being.

As a mindfulness spiritual life coach I am here to help you on your journey of awakening and self-discovery.  Many are seeking a practicaland meaningful way to connect with their spiritualityand feel something deeper calling them. Exploring your spiritual & mental well-being is an essential step in this process. Let’s first begin discussing what mental & spiritual well-being isand how it can become a larger part of our daily lives.

I offer Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats as well as personal one-one-one Spiritual Life Coaching to help you with learning meditationand mindfulness.

Individual Life Coaching – Let me guide you in your mentaland spiritual well-being with one-on-one sessions.

Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats – I offer both in personand online workshops on Mentaland Spiritual Well-Being. Please see my events webpage for what I offer.

What is Mental & Spiritual Well-Being?

As an authorand spiritual life coach this subject is my passion. I emphasize this area of well-being as it is essential for our lives. Mental & Spiritual Well-Being is about working on the Mental, Spiritualand Emotional aspects of ourselves. It is essential that we focus on these three parts of ourselves to achieve well-beingand harmony in our lives. When we educate ourselvesand put into practice some important spiritual & mental health techniques our lives will improve dramatically. If our mind is not healthy, if our emotions are out of sync, we cannot achieve well-being. It affects usand those around us. We all need to take the time to work on our spiritualand mental well-being.

For more info about my Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions well-being model please read my article “The Four Part of Ourselves”

Emotional Well-Being – A reminder

We hear a lot about Mind, Bodyand Spirit, but many people sometimes forget about the importance of our emotional aspect. One must not forget or under-emphasize the role of feelingsand emotions. Emotions are the “glue” that ties us together, they bind all the other parts of our selfand are an essential part of our well-being.

Utilizing positive emotions in well-being techniques are essential for success. Beliefand attitude, although mental, are also strong positive emotions. Please remember to keep this in mind when you are working on your health & well-being.

Spiritual Well-Being

Spiritand spirituality can be defined in many ways. For our discussion here, think of Spirit as your “inner essence” or “energy”…the part of you which is not body or physical. Some people call it your soul. This is an essential part of “you”and it is important to find a personal way to both nurtureand communicate with this part of yourself. Some people get a bit uncomfortable when we talk of spirituality. Although some people practice a specific religion to help them with their spirituality, it is not required nor is it the focus of our work here.  We can take various aspects of all these beliefsand come up with our own truth. Science would define “spirit” as “energy”, which is also part of a larger universal energy. This has been proven scientifically. We are simply part of a larger energy source or “spirit” connecting us all. This connection binds us to the larger world, to each other,and to the universe.

In this modern age, many people are looking for a day-to-day practical spirituality that isn’t tied to a particular religion. In essence they are seeking a way to live a deeper, more meaningful life. This is part of our spirituality. If you have a particular faith or religion or spiritual practiceand this helps you that’s great! If it works use it, but it is not required to do this work. I do offer many spiritual techniquesand tools to connect to this larger realm. I have studied all of the great spiritual traditions as well as science, metaphysicsand new thought philosophies. There are certain truths that bind them all to each other.  We can learn from themand evolve to a way in which we can become more heart-centeredand soul-based in how we live our lives. This is my goal.


My goal is for you to become awareand awakened to a more heart-centeredand soul-based spiritual life. I ask you to be open to the concepts of spiritualityand what many call “source energy” or the energy of the larger universe. Somehow we are all connectedand many believe we come from the same sourceand that we return after our bodies die. I want you to keep an open mindand explore some of these ideas. My goal is not to convince you that one way is the best…this is very personaland individual based…you need to decide for yourself how you connect to spiritand the larger universe. Educate yourself. Take time to mediate or reflect on what you believeand how this spiritual connection can help you. You then can chose which concepts & tools connect with your personal valuesand principles. When we have a strong spiritual foundation that is heart-centered it brings us to a deeper state of awarenessand self discovery. It changes your life.

Let me help you explore your mentaland spiritual well-being through my programsand counseling. 

How do we get started?

As with any subject the First Step is EDUCATION

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Two of My Exploratory Books on Mental & Spiritual Well-Being

Take a look at two of my popular books that could help you on your path of explorationand self-discovery.


The Mystic Paradigm: An Evolutionary Novel
By Brian Heater

Available in Kindleand Print editions

What would a utopianand evolved world look like? The Mystic Paradigm is a futuristic novel about positive evolutionary change in our world.

Based in 2095, 60 years after a nonviolent mystic revolution that changed the world, this futuristic story explores what a utopian world would ideally be likeand what challenges we still may face in a consciousand awakened society.

Join us on this epic adventure into our future world. A thought provoking evolutionary journey where the energies of spiritand earth merge. It will leave you questioning what indeed our world could experience only decades from now.


30 Steps to Conscious Living – Simple Steps you Can Take to Help Change Yourselfand the World
By Brian Heater

Available in Kindleand Print editions

An easy to understand, step-by step practical guideline to help people live a more meaningfuland fulfilling life one day at a time. These steps have been formulated by some of the world’s greatest mindsand wisest people. Brian takes these great teachingsand organizes them into 30 simple steps to help change yourselfand the world around you.

I hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Many blessings,
Brian Heater

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