Mental Health Programs & Counseling

Welcome to my Mental Health Programs & Counseling

As a mindfulness coach and counselor I focus on helping you on your journey of awareness and healing.

Are you struggling with emotional stress or a mood disorder such as anxiety, depression, bipolar or other similar struggle?

I’m here to help you heal and thrive once again. I understand where you are at. I myself went through struggles with bipolar and depression. It was not easy until I found some powerful healing tools and techniques to help me find peace and stability once again.  And you can too!

I offer Online Courses, Workshops & Retreats as well as personal one-one-one Coaching & Counseling to help you with understanding Mental Health, Mood Struggles & Disorders and to help you find your peace and stability once again.

Individual Coaching & Counseling – Let me guide you in your healing journey with personal one-on-one counseling.

Online Courses, Workshops & Retreats – I offer both online and in person workshops, courses and retreats on Mental Health & Mood Struggles. These are a great way to start your journey.

Please Contact Me with your questions. I also offer a free 30 minute consultation. Please sign up below.

Brian Heater

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