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During challenging and stressful times the practice of Yoga & Meditation is even more essential to your health & well-being. Here are some easy steps to take your practice to a new level.

1) Set Personal Goals – With any daily practice it is essential that you set goals to meet. With yoga it can be the length of a particular pose or exercise. Or it can be that you practice 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Set a goal that can help you grow in your practice and push you to a new level.

2) Perfection is not the Goal – When we practice yoga the goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to enhance your practice and gain something positive out of it. In yoga it is important to push yourself, but not be in pain where you are hurting yourself physically. Yes you can feel a bit uncomfortable, but you should never feel intense pain. And with your personal goals it is great to push yourself, yet it is the journey that’s important. Yoga and meditation are about being aware and mindful through the practice of time-tested poses, kriyas, and by letting go of the mind and just being present. There is no need for perfection or competition and it is important to let go of that focus.

3) Consider the Small Elements – Small things we do in our practice make a big difference. Setting up an alter, lighting a candle, smudging with sage, or saying a prayer or affirmation, these are all things you can do before you start your poses. Also during your practice taking time to meditate in between poses makes it a more spiritual/mindful journey. Making sure to breathe deeply and consciously is also a simple yet essential element in your practice.

4) Elevate Your Practice with Simple Things – Yoga and meditation can be a simple easy-to-learn practice. It doesn’t have to complex or even long. Even practicing for 15 minutes a day can do wonders. By moving the body and activating our energy centers and chakras you are making big changes with simple steps. Meditation is about quieting the mind and letting go of the chatter and negative thoughts that we carry with us. This can be done with very simple techniques. The practice of yoga is about elevating the body to relax and let go. Find a simple practice of yoga to start. Something that helps get your body energized, but also relaxed. The body and mind are connected. When we practice simple yoga poses with the goal of quieting the mind and connecting with spirit miracles happen in our lives. And the benefit of health and well-being are evident by the changes we see and feel

5) Focus on Being Mindful – Yoga helps us become mindful of our thoughts and actions. A meditation practice combined with yoga is an excellent way to enhance this. Yoga helps us focus, relaxes our body, and calms our mind. Following your yoga a short 5 -15 minute meditation session will elevate you to a whole new level of health, peace and well-being. With regular practice of yoga and meditation you then take this state of being with you throughout the day and can shift to being mindful when you are put in challenging situations. Change first starts within ourselves. Yoga and meditation are key steps to our inner change.

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Many Blessings,
Brian Heater – Spiritual Life Coach