Conscious Living

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Welcome to my Conscious Living webpage.

As a mindfulness coach and counselor I focus on helping you on your journey of awareness. Conscious Living is an important step in becoming more aware, awakened and mindful. Lets start by discussing what conscious living is and how it relates to our lives.

I offer Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats as well as personal one-one-one Coaching & Counseling to help you with understanding and practicing Conscious Living

Individual Coaching & Counseling – Let me guide you in the daily practice of conscious living with personal one-on-one counseling.

Workshops & Retreats – I offer both in person and online workshops, courses and retreats on Conscious Living. These are a great way to start your journey.

What is Conscious Living ?

to the universe. As life gets faster and the world gets closer through technological advancements, many people are trying to grasp with how they live their day-to-day lives in balance and harmony. Concepts such as sustainability, green business, organic food, energy efficiency, spirituality, equality, human & animal rights, well-being and non-violent action become more common and make up part of what I call Conscious Living. Being “aware” of our thoughts & actions and framing this in a larger universal context is also an essential part of this philosophy.

Conscious Living, Well-Being & the Four Parts of Ourselves

I like to utilize my Well-Being model to explain the importance of individual health & inner work to help us live a more Conscious Life. Change first starts within ourselves and occurs one small step at a time. We must work on our own health and well-being to become more compassionate, mindful and conscious. This positive inner transformation then spreads out to other people and to the larger world.

The Four Parts of Ourselves are – Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions. It is essential that these Four Part of Us are equally nurtured if we are to be healthy, conscious and live in a state of well-being. When one is in balance and harmony with all four parts then it is easier to be conscious, healthy and aware of our thoughts, actions and deeds. The Buddhist concept of “mindfulness” is an important principle we can also borrow from. When one is conscious they are mindful of their thoughts and actions.  There is also an essential universal energy, “5th Element” or “Spirit” that connects us to the larger world and universe. This energy is important to be aware and mindful of when we are seeking to become more conscious (see my article on the Four Part of Ourselves for more info).

Here are a few Concepts & Questions that deal with Conscious Living

How do we live ? How do I live my life? Do I live a mindful & aware life? How do we help others by our choices & attitude? How do we hurt others? How does my outlook & belief affect my life and the life of others? What kind of products do I buy? How do we use our money? How do we treat other creatures and the environment? How much do I need? What kind of food do I eat ? Is it healthy and sustainable? How do I treat my body and mind? How do I nurture my spirit ?

These are all important concepts and questions that many people are asking. And many are making choices based on these questions and more. These concepts need not be defined as liberal or conservative. They are based on evolution, awareness and sustainability…that it is time to ask questions about how we live our lives. That it is time to change certain behaviors and patterns and come up with new sustainable, healthy & conscious ways of living.


For education and simplicity I have also divided Conscious Living into Four Categories – Let’s look at each one of these.

Spiritual Awareness – This is the foundation for Conscious Living. How do I live my life? How does my outlook and belief affect my life and the life of others?  To be spiritually aware is to be conscious. It is based on mindfulness – being aware of our thoughts and actions – how they affect ourselves and how they affect others. This is the basis for all of our awareness.

Environmental Awareness – How do I live in a sustainable way? How do we treat other creatures and the environment? How much do I need? How much is enough?  Many realize that the earth cannot sustain over consumption and materialism. Nor can we keep polluting and poisoning our air and water. We need to nurture our natural resources and learn to live in balance. We need to learn to treat our other creatures with respect and guarantee them survival. We need to be aware of our effect on the Earth. When we do so, we find that we live in a more conscious and meaningful way.

Social Awareness – How do I treat others ? How do we help others by our choices & attitude? How do we hurt others? What kind of industry & business do we support? When someone suffers because of our decisions we are, in some part, responsible. When our political establishment uses violence aimlessly and it causes unneeded suffering, we are responsible. When a child is abused, when someone homeless, when a person is hungry, we are responsible. When we are conscious that our choices and attitudes affect other people then we simply make better choices. We learn to speak out. We cannot solve all the world’s problems, but we can do our little part in helping make it a better place for all. This is social awareness.

Health & Well-Being Awareness – How do I treat my body and mind? How can I live a healthier life? What kind of food do I eat ? Is it healthy and sustainable? When a person is healthy they see the world in a much better way. They are more conscious and aware. When we strive towards eating well and keeping healthy, we are an outer reflection of conscious & healthy living. We are a model for others and we have the energy to help.

So Where Do We Start ?

 First, Educate yourself. Read my free Conscious Living and Mental & Spiritual Well-Being Articles. Also visit other websites on the subject. There is a lot of great info out there.

 Second, check out my new book – ’30 Steps to Conscious Living’ –  Go to my to Conscious Living webpage for more info on my book. For a limited time I am offering my free ebook version if you sign up for my informative monthly newsletter. Sign up now

Third, subscribe to my Free newsletter and monthly article. These articles will have valuable & useful information on Conscious Living, with a specific focus on Mental & Spiritual awareness.

Fourth, I offer Conscious Living Workshops & Retreats, both online and in person. Please check out what we have to help you.

And Fifth. I offer personal Coaching & Counseling Sessions to help you on your journey of conscious living.

Please Contact Me with your questions. I also offer a free 30 minute consultation. Please sign up below.

To Conscious Living and the positive transformation of our world! 

Brian Heater

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