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Writing is my passion and my heart-centered service to others.

As a mindfulness spiritual coach and counselor, conscious living advocate, online writer and an author of three books I have found a way I can help the larger world awaken to a new consciousness and also live my philosophy of a heart-centered life of service. My three published books reflect this belief and have been well-received. I am grateful that I can help others on their journey through my writing. All of my books are available in both Print and Kindle versions on I’m excited to announce that my updated 2017 version of ’30 Steps to Conscious Living’ is now available at Balboa Press – A division of Hay House.

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30 Steps to Conscious Living – Simple Steps you Can Take to Help Change Yourself and the World

An easy to understand, step-by step practical guideline to help people live a more meaningful and fulfilling life one day at a time. These steps have been formulated by some of the world’s greatest minds and wisest people. Brian takes these great teachings and organizes them into 30 simple steps to help change yourself and the world around you.

I read a lot of inspirational and self-help books and can honestly say this concise, wisdom-packed book is one of the best, ever.” Sue W –

Heater presents 30 teachings in an easy to read and straight forward writing style that inspire and motivate…I highly recommend it to all who want positive change in their daily experiences.” – Jelina Vance – New Connexion Journal

Available on in Kindle or Print Format.

Now available at Balboa Press – a division of Hay House Publishers

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The Mystic Paradigm – An Evolutionary Novel

What would a utopian and evolved world look like? The Mystic Paradigm is a futuristic novel about positive evolutionary change in our world. We are now entering a new awakened era. Many people are becoming more conscious and aware. I truly believe this change will help us shift towards a more balanced and harmonious society. My story explores what a utopian world would ideally look like and what new questions we may face in a conscious and awakened society.
Book Description –
What is our purpose here on Earth? Are we here to experience both the shadow and light to grow as eternal beings? Is this sacred duality part of the universal balance? And is thought or action more powerful in our evolution?
Based in 2095, some 60 years after a nonviolent revolution that brought change and peace to the world, an advanced utopian society is suddenly confronted with these questions and has to look deep within to answer them. They must venture to realms both seen and unseen to find the answers.
What would a utopian and evolved society truly look like? Part new-thought exploration, part futuristic mystic adventure, The Mystic Paradigm will open your eyes to our sacred journey here on Earth, our evolution as spiritual beings, and our connection to the larger universe.
Join me on this epic adventure into our future world. A thought provoking evolutionary journey where the energies of earth and spirit merge. It will leave you questioning what indeed our world could experience only decades from now.

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Start The Revolution Within

Start the Revolution Within – A Journey Towards Vibrant Health & Weight Loss. Transform your Body, Mind, Spirit & Emotions.

Originally published 2008. Updated 2012.

This is my program of personal transformation, natural weight loss, cleansing and finding overall well-being. Based on the study of successful natural health programs and the “law of attraction” principles, this book takes you on a special journey towards personal well-being. I have had many people use this book and program with great success. Easy to follow guidelines with a special section on the importance of your belief and attitude makes this book help change people’s lives in a positive way.

Online Special – Kindle Ebook available for only $3.00. A Print version of the book is also available on

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