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Here is an online course I developed focusing specifically on our Mental Health and how Mindfulness & Meditation can help you break free from any emotional struggle, find your true potential and make you thrive again.

This is the Introductory Video for the course – “Using Mindfulness to Break Free from Mental Health Struggles”.

If you or someone you know are dealing with an emotional struggle or possible mental health issue, this is a great online course I’m offering.  I have had 5-star positive ratings from many students. Please view the introductory video and if you want more info on my course go to  –


The Quieter You Become, the More You Can Hear
In our fast paced tightly scheduled world many forget to slow down and take quiet time in their lives.  We tend to get ungrounded and run around getting stressed over schedules, appointments, kid’s activities, our activities, etc. We allow very little “breathing space” for in between activities. In our competitive & consumer focused society most [...]
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Sacred Silence – The Importance of Quiet Time and Silence in our Lives

In our fast paced society many of us often forget about the importance of taking time to be quiet. We get caught up in our busy lives, trying to meet deadlines and get tasks completed. Our electronic devices and social media further distract us as we find less time to find peace within ourselves. It […]

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Being Love in Action

I have had a new awakening of sorts recently about love. I was encouraged by my recent discussions with friends that, in this time of great change, we indeed need to put our love into greater action. Why may you ask? First of all, I believe love is the greatest force there is. Compassion and […]

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Mindfulness Tools you can learn from my Coaching, Counseling & Workshops

  • Mental Health Programs, Courses & Counseling
  • Programs for Mood Struggles & Disorders
  • Mindfulness Techniques & Tools
  • Programs for Bi-Polar, Sensitivities, Depression, Anxiety & other related Mood Struggles
  • Meditation – Sacred Silence and Breathing
  • Conscious Living Philosophy and Daily Living
  • Nature-Based teachings and spirituality
  • Science of the mind, new thought and law of attraction tools
  • Journeying, prayer & deep inner reflection tools for growth and healing
  • Connecting with Source, Spirit or the Universe in your personal way
  • Helping you develop a practical day-to-day spirituality
  • Connecting you with your intuitive and psychic abilities and the universal energy field.
  • Grounding and connecting with the earth for healing, wisdom and strength
  • Helping cultivating healthy relationships in your life
  • Helping you be in the moment and being present
  • Exploring self-awareness and practical spirituality
  • And much more…

10 Steps of Mindfulness to Let Go of Stress

Here is my newest online course – “10 Steps of Mindfulness to Let Go of Stress” – Please review my intro video above and go to for more info and some free lessons too.