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Welcome to TransformingOurselves.com - The website of author, counselor & conscious living advocate Brian Heater
Living Consciously, becoming Mindful, and achieving Well-Being & Balance is about exploring all parts of ourselves - Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions. It is also about exploring our connection to the natural world, the larger universe, and to our world community. I hope the information and programs I provide help you on your journey. Enjoy my website and feel free to contact me anytime.

    "Take time each day for quiet time, reflection, meditation or prayer. Change always begins within."

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Check out my newest online article - "The Artisan Food Revolution" -  Wondering what steps you can take to help yourself and the world? Become part of the food revolution and help change our world one meal at a time.

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Featured Article


The Artisan Food Revolution


The world can be a frustrating place with everything going on. It’s almost overwhelming. Environmental, political and social issues cry out tragedy and pain. Many of us are confused on what we can do.  A lot of us ask ourselves “What can I do to help?” It can be a difficult question both to ask and answer.  It’s important though to continue to believe that there are many things we can do to help. As an activist and a person sensitive to the woes of the world I have made a major shift in the last decade. I started focusing on the little things I can do. Taking little steps each day does make a difference. Whereas in the larger activist or political world we want to change the world in some large form or fashion I have found a powerful revolution in the small conscious steps we take.


One of the main issues we can focus on is food.  We eat it every day. We buy it. Each day we have a choice of the food we put in our bodies. We also change things with our dollars. What we purchase. This is one place where we can make a difference. This change I call the Artisan Food Revolution.

As I go to the local natural foods market I am overwhelmed at times with the choices we have. I look at ingredients, where the food is from, what the company is like. I take some extra time to evaluate these things. Even in a natural foods store it is difficult to make the best choices. We are in such a hurry that we grab things that say “natural” or “organic” and hurry out the door. But do we really know what that means? They say ‘we are what we eat’. This means that any energy we put into our bodies affect us and the larger world in many ways.  I think it’s time to slow down and really connect with our food. Take some extra time and decide what products are the best to buy. Be connected to your food. Be emotional and feel your food. This one small step makes a huge difference in changing our world and in changing ourselves.

Need some ideas on how to be part of the artisan food revolution? Here are 10 steps you can take to change the world. Become part of the artisan food movement. Become part of this important and influential revolution.

1. Buy from small companies – Large corporations now control most of our food supply. This should be of concern to everyone. We need to support small artisan businesses that grow and raise food on a small scale and act more responsibly. Small companies are more sustainable and connected more directly with the food source. It is these small artisan farmers and businesses that help change the world. Let’s join with them.

2. Always buy fresh, natural and organic – Much of our food is filled with chemicals. It is dangerous to your health and to our planet. Always buy fresh, natural and organic. Do not buy highly processed foods. They cause illness, disease and they are simply bad for our planet.

3. Know you ingredients – Check your food labels. If you don’t know what an ingredient is on the label don’t buy it. If you’re not sure what it is, first look it up before buying. We have instant info with an internet search. Buy pure foods with only one or a very small amount of ingredients that you know. Be aware of sulfites, nitrates, sugars, fillers and any other chemical. They aren’t very healthy, can cause allergies and are not natural. Buy pure foods only.

4. Protect biodiversity – We need to protect the immense biodiversity of plants and animals. This is essential to the survival of our planet and for ourselves. Buy food from companies that support sustainable practices. They should state this on their labeling clearly.

5. Love the Farmer – The local small scale farmer is our lifeline to good wholesome food. Appreciate that these people are trying to make a difference in our world. It is not easy for them. Support and buy their products. They put a lot of effort into giving you good food from the heart. This does make a difference.

6. Respect Life – Life is sacred. When we take an animal’s life for our nutrition we should be aware and honor this life. Support practices that care for the animal’s welfare and its surroundings. Eat less meat and fish when you can. Give thanks for their lives. They are part of us.

7. Connect with your Food – Know where you food came from. Have an emotional attachment to it. Make it part of your life. It is going into your body. Give thanks and eat well.

8. Respect the Earth – Good food practices and purchases honor our sacred mother earth. Our earth gives us life. Do no abuse her by buying and eating questionable food. Take the extra time to know where your food comes from and how it is grown.

9. Feel and taste your food - Really smell its flavor.  Taste is goodness. Fall in love with it. Understand that it is part of our heart and gives us life. Enjoy and find happiness with eating. Take your time when eating. It is a pleasurable experience. Become part of that and slow down.

10. Be grateful and give thanks – This is an essential step. Be grateful for the food that you put in your body. It is nourishing you. It is giving you life. Offer a moment of thanks and gratitude for what you are about to eat.


Brian M Heater is an author, new thought counselor and conscious living advocate. Check out his most recent books - the conscious living guidebook - 30 Steps to Conscious Living and the evolutionary love-in-action novel - The Mystic Paradigm

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