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What if there was a method to cleanse yourself, lose weight naturally and achieve vibrant health & well-being in a reasonable amount of time?

That was the main question I had as I knew there was a way. I worked hard to find the answers and after several years of research and a few tests on myself I discovered the simple steps to change!

Using this discovery I changed my life in so many ways!
I lost the weight I needed to easily. My energy increased significantly, my health and my attitude improved dramatically.  I was so inspired that I immediately went about developing a program that would help others do the same.

This is a life transforming process! This is no fad diet. This information was discovered by looking at what steps successful healthy people use. And I found simple secrets that we all can learn. You can feel amazing in a few short weeks!  Regain your positive energy and zest for life!


THE SECRET IS SIMPLE. The first step has a lot to do with your mind & beliefs. You first need to "tune-up" your mind & spirit to success, then you put your new beliefs into inspired action. Through my book and the program I developed you can learn the steps it takes to change your life. 


Kindle eBook version for only $3.00!




In my Book & Program "Start the Revolution Within" I specify the steps it takes to

accomplish your weight loss & health goals and more. I give you THREE PROVEN PROGRAMS that work together:


FIRST, I utilize the "Law of Attraction" principles as made famous by The Secret & What the BLEEP do We Know!?


SECOND, I add my unique & powerful Mental, Spiritual & Emotional Tune-Up program. 


THIRD, then I have you follow my easy step-by-step Natural Health, Well-Being & Weight Loss program.



These three programs together will help you find your power, positive attitude & energy again !  They will help you find your natural healthy weight and release built-up toxins so that you will feel and look great!  It's that simple. Your life will change dramatically in very little time. 


Here is what a few people said about my program-


"My life changed because of your easy to follow program ! I lost 25 lbs in a few short weeks and I feel great. My attitude and energy have never been better. Thank you Brian."  - Brittney A






I loved your Book and Program !  Your writing and info made sense and woke me up to success and change!" - John R

"Finally I have found a program that works! Your book was very inspirational and easy to read. It is full of great information. I love it." - Jeanine M



Get ready for a positive change !

If you read my book and follow my program you will see and feel the results ! Let's get started today!


Online Kindle eBook Step-by-Step Cleansing & Weight Loss Program for only $3.00! 



Prefer a hands-on Paperback version? Amazon.com has it available for only $7.50 !



You get 103 pages of easy-to-read inspirational and successful step-by-step information to cleanse yourself, lose the weight you need and gain back vibrant health and energy!






Home Cleansing & Health About Us Articles & Resources