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Free Articles, Videos and Resources
from Conscious Living Author/Activist Brian Heater

I offer to you Articles & Videos on Conscious Living, Heart-Centered Activism, Non-Violence, Meditation, Mental & Spiritual Well-Being, Natural Health and Cleansing.

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Brian Heater, EzineArticles Basic PLUS AuthorMany of my articles have been published on Ezinearticles.com and some are direct downloadable PDF files. Feel free to download and save any of these for your personal use.  If you reprint or republish any of them I would appreciate being credited on the publication. I hope you find this information helpful.

On this webpage I also offer other valuable websites of some of my favorite authors and activists...
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 Recent Videos

Ocean Meditation - Life Force

"Prayer for a New Generation"
A New Generation Meditation Song

Conscious Living, Mental & Spiritual Well-Being
1) Being Love In Action
2) Less is More. The Power of Simple Living
3) Love is a Verb. Take Conscious Steps On The Path Of Loving Kindness
4)Tips on Breathing, Meditation and Reducing Stress
5) Your Thoughts Become Things - Be Aware of Where Your Energy Flows
6) Practical Steps to Conscious Living
7) How to Practice Conscious Economics
8) How do we Create Miracles? Steps to Being A Miracle Worker
9) Honor and Respect All Living Creatures
10) How to Be Here Now. The Health Benefits of Being Present.
11) How Do You Change a Bad Habit?
12) Believing in Yourself! The Most Important Step in Natural Health & Weight Loss
13) The Power of Thought and the Law of Attraction


14) Notes on Visualization & Affirmations
15) The Four Parts of Ourselves
16) The Scale of Your Emotions


17) Your Body and its Connection to Mind, Spirit & Emotion
18) A Few Positive Concepts to Live By
19) How to Meditate - A Quick Guide


"Ode to Life"
A Song of Reflection & Meditation


General Health Articles
1) What are the Best Methods of Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal?
2) What is a Green Smoothie and Why is It So Healthy?
3) What are the Problems with the Western Diet ?
4) The Power & Benefits of Organic Food
5) Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Your Health
6) Natural Health Guidelines for the Holidays
7) 10 Essential Guidelines to Natural Health & Weight Loss
8) What Foods Should We Avoid to Stay Healthy?

Detox & Cleansing
1) What's the Easiest Method to Cleanse & Detox ?
2) The 24 Hour Detox - A Good Way to Detox & Get Healthy
3) Cleansing and Detoxifying After the Holidays - A Healthy Way to Start the New Year!
4) What are the 5 Best Natural Cleansing & Detox Methods?

5) Natural Food Diets for Cleansing & Detox

6) Seasonal Cleanse - Prepare Yourself for the Changes - It's Time for a Detox!
7) Herbal Cleansing Kits Make it Easier For People on the Go!
8) A Colon Cleanse Could Save Your Life!

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These people have been inspirational to my work. Check out their websites and their various books, CDs & DVDs. This is by no means a complete list of people who are leaders in this area, but these people below are part of a very strong movement of healers, activists, counselors, philosophers, scientists and business people that are conscious and aware of a movement in which Eckhart Tolle refers to as "The New Earth".  I encourage you to explore and read additional material from these authors. Their websites will also lead you to other authors as well.

I will update this list as I can with new inspirational authors & books. Feel free to recommend authors to me anytime for my review.

Author, Book or DVD

General Subject

Website Address

Newest Additions    
Gene Sharp Non-Violent Strategy & Theory http://www.aeinstein.org/
Charles Eisenstein Sacred Economics http://charleseisenstein.net/
Barbara Max Hubbard Conscious Evolution http://barbaramarxhubbard.com/

Deepak Chopra

Self-Help & Well-Being


Eckhart Tolle

Self Help - Mind & Spirit


Wayne Muller  Spirituality in Action http://www.breadforthejourney.org
Andrew Weil, MD  Natural Health & Well-Being http://drweil.com

Esther & Jerry Hicks / Abraham

Law of Attraction - Mind & Spirit Info


Noah Levine Buddhism/Psychology/Addiction http://www.noahlevine.com
Michael Pollen Natural Food/ Food Politics http://www.michaelpollan.com
M Scott Peck, MD Sprituality/Self-Help http://www.mscottpeck.com
Paul Ferrini Spirituality/Healing http://www.paulferrini.com/
Judith Orloff, MD Intuitive Psychiatry
Energy Medicine

Dr Wayne Dyer

Self Help - Mind & Spirit


Paul Chek - Chek Institute Natural Health http://checkinstitute.com
Marianne Williamson Spiritual Guidance - Self Help http://www.marianne.com
Marc Allen Mind & Spirit Info http://www.MarcAllen.com
Gary Zukav Mind & Spirit Info http://www.seatofthesoul.com
Dr. David R Hawkins Science & Spirit http://veritaspub.com


Spiritual Guidance - Self-Help


Caroline Myss

Energy Medicine
Self-Help - Mind & Spirit


Thich Nhat Hanh

Engaged Buddhism
Mind & Spirit

http://www.parallax.org  & http://www.iamhome.org

Barbara Brennan

Energy Healing - Chakras


What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Science & Spirit - Self-Help


Neale Donald Walsch

Spiritual Guidance Self-Help


A Course In Miracles

Mental & Spiritual Guidance


Dalai Lama

Buddhism - Self-Help


Don Miguel Ruiz Spiritual Guidance - Self-Help http://www.miguelruiz.com

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