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About Author & Conscious Living Advocate Brian Heater & Transformingourselves.com

Welcome to TransformingOurselves.com

Greetings. My name is Brian Heater. As an author, counselor, wilderness and community activist I strongly advocate living consciously, being mindful, learning to walk lightly on our precious earth, and become heart-centered in all that we do. My primary goal is to help people on their journey. I also want to help the larger world transform to a more sustainable and compassionate place. Let us bring in the New Paradigm and write the new story.

Through my 30 years experience as a counselor helping others, my personal activist experience, my passion for conscious living, the natural world, and spiritual exploration I try to stay on the forefront of new thought philosophy and spirituality, engaged activism, non-violent transformation, conscious thought and overall well-being. Through my website, books, projects, free articles and the other resources I recommend, my goal is to help you on your journey and make a positive impact in our world. We all make a difference in the larger world and it first starts within ourselves.

Newest Additions to my website -

Interested in being part of a new conscious living educational center?
Please check out my new project webpage - Cascadia Educational Project 

Nature is one of our best teachers -
We are now also offering several nature-based workshops & retreats to help you on your journey. These retreats are being held in two beautiful areas - Joshua Tree National Park Area in Joshua Tree, California and the Mt Jefferson Wilderness area near Detroit Oregon. Both offer a sacred quiet and contemplative place to learn and grow. Go to my new webpage - Workshops & Retreats -  for more info. Private group workshops and individual sessions are also available.

My newest book is now available - "The Mystic Paradigm"
Get more info on my new thought futuristic novel on my webpage.

 My Focus and Philosophy -

Mindfulness and Heart Centered Service to others is my number one goal and philosophy. This is part of living consciously. Being a Heart Centered activist means I am here to help you achieve a sense of well-being and help the larger world find balance and harmony. My work is based on love, non-violence, integrity and honesty, where how I operate in our larger world goes hand-in-hand with my need for income. Changing our economic system is part of our transformation. I balance my need for income with my dedication to providing free and valuable information to help transform and improve your life.  I strive to serve you on the leading edge of conscious thought and philosophy. I am here to help you with mindfulness, understanding and compassion.

Well-Being and Personal Transformation is about exploring and nurturing all parts of yourself - Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions - These are the four parts of ourselves and it is important to find proper balance and harmony in each of these categories. I use the model of the circle or the wheel-often referred to as the "medicine wheel" - to help us explain the connection and relation between Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotion.  The circle has been used for thousands of years in almost every culture around the world to help explain these relationships. Science has also utilized and valued the importance of the circle in explaining many issues and relationships. It symbolizes balance and harmony. It also is non-hierarchical in nature. Please view my diagram The Four Parts of Ourselves for more information on this philosophy.

Connect with Source Energy -   - There is also an important 5th Element that should be briefly discussed. The 5th Element can be defined as the Universal Energy Source. To name a few this energy is also called Ether, Source Energy or in a more spiritual context - Divine Spirit, Creator, God or Goddess to some - the terminology or focus doesn't really matter in this context. What is important is to acknowledge and be aware that there is energy everywhere. We are made up of pure energy and we are connected to a larger earthly & universal energy source. This has been scientifically proven. It has also been discussed over the ages by many great spiritual teachers. Whatever your specific beliefs it is essential for your personal well-being and for the well-being of the world to find a personal way to connect to this larger energy source. It will help you achieve your well-being goals and also become a more conscious human in the process. 

Connect with the Earth - The earth is living system and we are part of it. Many of us call her Mother Earth. Connecting to the living earth is essential to our well-being and transformation. Nature provides us with life, beauty, important tools of reflection and reminders of cooperation and balance. We also honor the earth by being aware, conscious and walking lightly.

Learn To Be Love in Action - Non-Violence and Conscious Living is a way of life. It is essential that you learn to incorporate these philosophies into your day to day life. I offer many books, articles, videos and resources to educate you in this area.

 Here are a few suggestions to get you started -

      Please browse our various web pages for valuable info and resources.


      Interested in being part of a new nature-based educational program? Please check out my new project - Cascadia Educational Project


      There are many articles, ongoing discussions & other resources that deal with these concepts in more detail in my Mental & Spiritual Well-BeingMeditation & Conscious Living web pages.

       I have numerous Free Articles that would be helpful. Please browse these webpages for more information..

      I also have a book 30 Steps to Conscious Living that I recommend if you are looking for simple day-to-day steps that you can take to help transform your life.


      To help you on your journey you can also sign-up to receive my free conscious living & well-being articles, emailed to you on a regular basis..


      You can contact me personally anytime if you have any questions..  I offer personal counseling & consulting via email, phone, Skype and other media anywhere in the world. Free consultations..


    To your Well-Being and the Positive Transformation of the World!

    Brian Heater




Brian Heater - Author, Counselor, Conscious Living Advocate


Phone - 503-559-2322 

Twitter - @brianmheater 

Skype - brianmheater 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brian.heater.96


You can contact me personally anytime if you have any questions. I offer personal consulting via email, phone and Skype anywhere in the world.


Free consultations. Questions are always free! Let me help you on your journey.



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My business and office is located in both Salem, Oregon, and Joshua Tree, California, United States.
We conduct online service to others throughout the world.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We also welcome your comments and ideas.


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