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108 Kisses – 13 Steps to Creating True Love and Deep Intimacy in Your Relationship
As we evolve into a higher consciousness many people are seeking a deeper type of love and intimacy. We seek a true love, a passionate, deep and divine relationship in which spiritual growth and support from a partner is a key. I call this true love or divine love. It is the process of connecting [...]
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Sacred Silence – The Importance of Quiet Time and Silence in our Lives

In our fast paced society many of us often forget about the importance of taking time to be quiet. We get caught up in our busy lives, trying to meet deadlines and get tasks completed. Our electronic devices and social media further distract us as we find less time to find peace within ourselves. It […]

Posted in: Conscious Living, Meditation, Mental & Spiritual Well-Being,
The Artisan Food Revolution

The world can be a frustrating place with everything going on. It’s almost overwhelming. Environmental, political and social issues cry out tragedy and pain. Many of us are confused on what we can do. A lot of us ask ourselves “What can I do to help?” It can be a difficult question both to ask […]

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Mindfulness & Spiritual Tools you can learn from my Life Coaching Sessions & Workshops

  • Meditation – Sacred silence and breathing
  • Mindfulness Techniques of both the East and West
  • Conscious Living Philosophy and Daily Living
  • Heart-Centered and Soul-Based Living
  • Nature-Based teachings and spirituality
  • Science of the mind, new thought and law of attraction tools
  • Journeying, prayer and deep inner reflection tools for growth and healing
  • Connecting with Divine Spirit in your personal way
  • Helping you develop a practical day-to-day spirituality
  • Connecting you with your intuitive and psychic abilities and the universal energy field.
  • Shamanic Healing – Techniques and Tools
  • Grounding and connecting with the earth for healing,wisdom and strength
  • Helping cultivating spiritual relationships in your life
  • Helping you be in the moment and being present
  • Exploring self-awareness and spirituality
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • And much more…

The Four Pillars of Mindfulness

30 Minute Free Intuitive Reading & Life Coaching Session

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